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Malcolm Speake and Chris Lowe have been telling stories and singing songs for more years than they care to remember. They were both born  just after the end of the Second World War in the Midland City of Birmingham in an eastern suburb called Bordesley Green.

Both were enraged by the lack of gobstoppers and fizzy pop, which their parents informed them was a result of rationing caused by the recent war. They were told to stop complaining and eat up their dinners, moreover they were not allowed to leave anything.  Chris and Malcolm although they both went to Alston Road School were blissfully unaware of each others' existence.

Fifty Years went by and they found a mutual interest in storytelling, both being members of the legendary Brummagem Blarney Storytelling Club. After that there was no stopping them and they went on to be both awarded the title of the Biggest Liar in Shropshire, though not in the same year. They found this rather surprising as neither came from there, but then A E Houseman, who wrote A Shropshire Lad spent most of his life in Worcestershire and never even went to Shropshire.

You can recognise the lads from their beards and casual dress.  They are also noted for their innate modesty, they can never agree which of them is the more handsome.  Can you help them solve this long standing puzzle?

Malcolm and Chris appear in many settings including:

Folk festivals, story festivals, arts festivals, story clubs, schools, residential homes, street entertainment festivals, homes for adults with learning difficulties, National Trust properties, Women's Institutes, village halls and homes for excluded or expelled pupils.  They are also available as after dinner speakers. 

Malcolm and Chris are not only justly famous for their stories but are also fine singers in their own right.  They are often to be heard at: Black Diamond Folk Club

If you want to know more go to their individual pages or look at the examples of the stories they tell.

Below are links to the Folk and Story festivals they have appeared at: 

Upton on Severn (where they appear with Ron Plant in a trio called Spiders Web)

Alcester (where they appear with Ron Plant in a trio called Spiders Web)


Festival at the Edge



Banbury (where they appear with Ron Plant in a trio called Spiders Web)

Malcolm can be contacted here

Chris can be contacted here

Ron can be contacted here