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Chris Lowe

Chris is an accomplished storyteller famous for his scary stories, why not click on the links above for his versions of Mr Fox or the Tinker without a Tale. But it would be wrong to think that Chris only tells stories of a scary nature, his stories are varied and can be sensitive, why not click on his version of the Firebird to find out.

Chris is also an excellent singer.  He is particularly noted for his Music Hall songs.  If you get the opportunity hear him sing I'm forever Blowing Bubbles or It's a Long Way to Tipperary.

Chris has written a collection of short stories called Uncle Jack’s Rainbow, which for a small sum, he is quite willing to part with. Why not email him and order a copy.

Chris is available to entertain as an individual in many settings. He performs at folk festivals, story festivals and story clubs. He also appears in schools, homes, Women's Institutes, village halls, National Trust properties and is much in demand as an after dinner speaker. Why not email him here.

Chris is also available in a duo with:

Speake and Lowe (Malcolm Speake and Chris Lowe)

Chris is also available in a trio with:

Spiders Web (Chris Lowe, Malcolm Speake and Ron Plant)

If you wish to book Chris to appear with others then email any of the following:

Chris Lowe

Malcolm Speake

Ron Plant