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Malcolm Speake

Malcolm Speake's Other Stories

Malcolm has been a storyteller for more years than he is prepared to concede. He is famous for his chorus stories, as he would say Itís a poor yarn when folks donít join in, why not click on the links above for his versions of the Kingís Taylor or Molly Whoopee. However Malcolm can tell stories of a varied nature and is very fond of making people laugh, why not click on his version of Jacundas to find out.

Malcolm is also recognised as an outstanding singer of storysongs.  If you have the opportunity hear him sing the Outlandish Knight or Butter and Cheese and All.

Malcolm is available to perform as an individual at folk festivals, story festivals and story clubs. He is also prepared to consider other venues.  Why not email him here.

Malcolm is also available in a duo with:

Speake and Lowe (Malcolm Speake and Chris Lowe)

They have appeared at:

Upton Folk Festival

Alcester Folk Festival

Festival at the Edge

Warwick folk Festival

Bromyard folk Festival

Malcolm is also available in a trio with:

Spiders Web (Malcolm Speake, Chris Lowe and Ron Plant)

They have appeared at Banbury folk Festival

If you wish to book Malcolm to appear with others then email any of the following:

Malcolm Speake

Chris Lowe

Ron Plant